Underarm Serve In Volleyball
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How To Master the Perfect Underarm Serve in Volleyball

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Do you want to conquer the perfect underarm serve in volleyball? It doesn’t have to be daunting – with the right technique and practice, you can become a master of this important dexterity. Read on to learn the basics of the perfect underarm serve and take your game to the next level.

Explanation Underarm Serve In Volleyball

The armpit serve in volleyball is the best way to master the perfect serve. It requires practice, but the technique is simple and effective. The basics are to stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, body weight balanced, and arms extended backwards. You must then drop the ball slightly behind you and throw it up, followed by the arms as you hit the ball with your palms. Aim for the other side of the pitch and make sure to aim for the high spots. If you keep moving your arm in a forward direction, you’ll end up with a powerful and accurate armpit serve! With practice, you’ll be able to perfect your technique and become an expert at the armpit serve.

Swing your hand and hit the ball as if scooping it up

The underhand serve is the easiest serve for a beginner to master. Even those who do not have enough strength and cannot increase the distance with serves such as floater serves can hit the ball relatively far.

However, the speed is not very high, and it usually tends to be a serve with a mountainous trajectory, making it easy for the receiving party to return it, and easy for the opponent’s opportunity ball.

Hold the balls in front of your navel and grab them with your fists. Pull your arm behind you and take a strong swing.

If your serve doesn’t reach the net, start practicing before the end line. Once you’ve practiced and the ball is flying, step back and practice your lower serve.

  1. Extend your legs forward and backward and face the net.
  2. Make a small toss. Reach your right hand back and shift your weight to your right foot.
  3. Swing your right hand while shifting your weight to your left foot.
  4. Meet the diagonal bottom surface of the ball with the base of your palm.
  5. Follow through to stretch upwards in the direction of the serve.


Oh wow, let’s have a look!

Make a “goo” shape when hitting the ball. Hold your hand lightly. Be careful not to press too hard. Hit at the center of your fist. Place it on the outside of your index finger to avoid hurting your thumb.

Tips to improve!

Don’t lift the toss too high and feel like releasing the ball. It is important not to lift the underhand serve too high. Instead of lifting the throw, the left hand feels like “letting go of the ball”. Let’s lift the toss with the thought of dropping the ball when the right hand comes.

Change the ball

You can also change the ball with an underhand serve. For sample, if you push it out with the base of your palm and hit it, the ball will not rotate and will change in a complex way, and if you hit it by rubbing the back flank of the ball, it will have a drive rotation and will drop quickly. I don’t have many opportunities to use it in practice, but it’s surprisingly a weapon as a way to hit.

Ceiling serve

An underhand serve that launches high from a low hitting point. Also called skyserve. The goal is to throw the opponent out of the rhythm with the length of the flight time, and the basic aim is to aim closer to the net than the attack line or close to the end line.

By using a serve close to the net and a serve close to the end line, it will be surprisingly difficult for the opposing team to receive the serve.

With practice and determination, you can master the perfect underarm serve in volleyball! Remember to focus on the basics – body position, arm mechanics, and ball placement – and you’ll be on your way to becoming a pro! Keep practicing and have fun!

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